Samsung Smartphone GamePad and Mobile Console App Introduced

Samsung gets more serious in the mobile gaming market now with its introduction of its Smartphone GamePad coupled with the Mobile Console App.

Gamers may never have enough of touch screen-based controls and the accelerometer-combo-gyro motion sensors that game accessories makers are still feeding the clamor for the button’s presence like the game consoles. Though, game consoles like the PS4 gets a touchpad control in contrast. Game experience has greatly evolved and such changes on controls only heightens the game play and immersion. Actually, Samsung’s Smartphone GamePad have this ability to transform your experience on its 4” to 6.3” Galaxy mobile phones.

Sliding the Galaxy to the GamePad’s steel frame with the Mobile Console App installed and the Bluetooth on easily starts it up by pressing the “PLAY” button on the pad. You can also get a bigger screen that is by connecting your TV to its HDMI port or making use of its AllShare Screen Mirroring. Besides Bluetooth pairing, you can also make use of NFC tagging if you happen to have a Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, or an S3 and S4, or any NFC-equipped Samsung phones.

Samsung Smartphone GamePad is available in the European region, though we have to of further announcements on when it’ll hit the local market as well. The Mobile Console App is readily available for download on Samsung Apps and has 35 dedicated games currently on its roster, and will release some more by next year 2014.

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