Samsung Smart Camera DV150F on Smart Gadget Plus Plan 699

Smart Communications opens up a spot for smart cameras on their Gadget Plus Plans with Samsung Smart Camera DV150F on the post at Plan 699.

Samsung Smart Camera DV150F at Smart Gadget Plus Plan 699

Samsung Smart Camera DV150F has a dual-view with a 2.7-inch main LCD and a 1.48-inch front LCD. It has a 16MP CCD Sensor, 5X optical zoom lens, and comes with a free 8GB microSD memory card. It also has Wi-Fi capability, meaning you can easily share up your photos as soon as you took it. It features Autoshare, Cloud, SNS Sharing, Direct Email, and even Auto Back Up.

Smart Gadget Plus Plan 699 includes Samsung Smart Camera DV150F, an 8GB MicroSD, a camera case, and a free Smart Pocket WiFi that comes with 50 hours of surfing time covered with an Anti-Bill Shock feature. Just do note though, that this plan also entails you to shell out a one time fee of Php500.


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