Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Officially Launched

Samsung Poland gets to officially launch the widely-rumored Galaxy Note 3 Neo, which comes in 3G and LTE+ versions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

The Galaxy Note 3 Neo is actually a lite version of the Note 3, having a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, instead of the the 5.7-inch from the Note 3. It measures 148.4 x 77.4 x 8.6 mm, which actually comes close to the originals dimensions. Its primary shooter now comes with 8MP capable of 1080p video recording, as compared to Note 3’s 13MP with 4K video recording.

Another notable inclusion on the Neo LTE+ version is the hexa-core processor, with two (2) 1.7GHz Cortex-A15 cores, and four (4) 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 cores. The Neo 3G version comes with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, though the chipset is still unknown yet.

Both versions of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo is supported with 2GB worth of RAM, 16GB internal memory, 3100 mAh battery, and dual cameras with 8MP on the rear, and 2MP facing front. Besides either 3G or LTE+ data connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi, NFC, IR LED, and GPS/GLONASS support also comes included on board.

Aesthetically, the Note 3 Neo still has the faux-leather back cover. It goes in either black, white, or color green. Of course the S Pen always comes as its solid representation of everything the Galaxy Note line up stands for. Out of the box, it comes pre-installed with JB Android 4.3, though updates for Kitkat 4.4 is expected to come soon after its launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo will be on sale early next month, though pricing is yet to be announced and even expected to naturally takes a lower range than the Note 3 when launched.

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