Samsung Galaxy Gear with BMW i Remote App on Controlling a BMW i3

BMW gets to exhibit how their BMW i3 is the world’s first fully connected electrically-powered car via their BMW i Remote App installed on Samsung Galaxy Gear at CES 2014.

It’s pretty much like James Bond remote controlling his BMW’s in the movies. Though with this one, you’re using the Galaxy Gear in viewing your car status while charging or checking if your doors and windows are locked. You can even prime up your car’s temperature, or send out your destination to your car’s navigational panel before you get inside and actually drive to go.

The collaboration between Samsung and BMW is much impressive, looking on how you can control the car on your wrist with a touch-based UI, or even just talking to your Galaxy Note 3 with the S-Voice speech command in sending out information back to your car.

Source: Geeky Gadgets / YouCar

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