Rovio Stars’ Newly Published Game Tiny Thief on the App Store on July 11!

Rovio, the makers behind the hit mobile game Angry Birds, now comes to release a brand new game, the Tiny Thief to be available on the App Store by July 11.

Tiny Thief is actually created and developed by 5Ants and published by Rovio Stars. This game is designed as stealth-based puzzles revolving in a medieval setting. It basically has 50 unique characters with over a 100 hidden items packed in 30 challenging levels.

The game is quite cute with the chibi characters that goes up the ladder, cut ropes and does so many fancy things to take away and steal their spoils. Rovio Entertainment might have another big hit on this one if found desired by many once again. So we better watch out Tiny Thief on its grand launching on the 11th of July.

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