POEA Mobile App Now Available for Download on iOS and Android Devices

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) draws a clear line excluding illegal recruiters on their official list now that they’ve launched the POEA Mobile App, making it both public and convenient to access just by downloading the software into your iOS or Android device.

POEA Mobile App

It’s a great way to run a campaign against illegal recruitment specially when the country has OFWs to thank for taking the local economy to significant heights because of how dollars are poured in domestically. POEA Mobile app is timely, when most locals right now are pretty much into gadgets, social networking, and even much connected as well to the internet of things.

So, what’s inside the administration’s new app? Well, it got an easy search function of companies, recruitment or manpower agencies, which have legitimate businesses on getting locals to work abroad. These are the POEA-accredited Philippine Agencies and you get to see their current status if their licenses are still valid, expired, have been suspended, or even been taken off them already.

POEA Mobile App Search

Applicants can also check if these establishments have the proper job orders they are offering you to take or considering to work for. You can never be too sure nowadays, right? The mobile app makes a handy tool on taking the necessary precaution before getting to entrust your future career and finally sign up on those papers for overseas employment.

Behind POEA Mobile App’s development is in collaboration with WorkAbroad.ph, an online job portal under the works of Quantum X, Inc. To get your hands on the app, you can either go straight up to Google’s Play Store if you have an Android tab or smartphone, or to Apple’s App Store on your iOS devices for easy download. Or you can preferably access the info via POEA’s website as well if you just want it on your browser, instead.

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