Pixi: Palm’s Next Smartphone

Ironic to previous Smartphone Pre, Pixi is Palm’s smallest and newest addition to their Smartphone collections. Pix, a slimmed version of Pre, mainly targets youngster consumers.

Like Pre, the Pixi has a 2 mega pixel camera, ready to capture pictures and record videos. It has a multi touch screen and full-QWERTY keyboard. Though Pixi is small in size having 3.5-ounce weight, it has a better memory (8 GB) bigger like all previous Palm phones. It also has GPS capabilities.

Pixi is a nice offering from Palm. It has an easy access to Facebook that makes checking your account simple and carefree. What’s more, it can also integrate LinkedIn contacts and Yahoo contacts, calendar, and IM in a single view via Palm’s Synergy feature (now, that’s something!) So, if you doubt if Pixi’s good, the answer is YES.

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