Philips Portable Video Player GoGear Muse

Philips’ releasing a new portable video player in the market. It’s called GoGear Muse, an audio/video player that will not only provide a bigger screen (3” vs. Opus with 2.8”) but clearer and better music.

As compared to Philips’ previous model Opus, Muse provides a wider viewing capability. It supports files with BMP, GIF, PNG, Ogg Vorbis, APE, Real Video, and Real Audio formats. Like Opus, it has a 25 hours audio playback capability and can stay up to 5 hours when playing videos. Muse is supplied with pair of earphones improved with active noise cancelling for a clear sound.

This new offering from Philips, isn’t totally impressive. The improvements are basically focused on the media support and doesn’t really seem remarkable from the older versions. As with the price, its pretty cool coz the changes weren’t that much. If you want to upgrade your video player it could be better to just wait for another version because its kinda impractical to spend for few changes. But if it’s your first time to buy a video player, Muse is a thing to consider, though.

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