One Plus sets to release One Plus Two by 3rd quarter and a lite specced smartphone by the end of 2015

One Plus, a chinese company, which just started late 2013 and sold around a million phones last year is set to launch the One Plus 2 by 3rd quarter and another toned down model  by the end of this year.

One Plus

Also this year, One Plus is forecasting sales that lurks around 3 to 5 million this 2015, and by 2016, a 10 million units strong. Two things that can be attributed to its success is strategically making its high-specced smartphone priced nearly its production cost, then making its sales channeled through online.

This kind of business model seems to be a highly effective and efficient way of producing and marketing smartphones since it allows them to sell at high volumes with no inventory to stock at all. Even so with Xiaomi, which paved the way with the strategy that got them to lead the chinese market early on till now. Not to mention, LeTV launching their own Superphones this year, which announced pricing so near production cost as well.

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One Plus OxygenOS

Moreover, One Plus also has the vision of having their own platform, in which developers can get their application thrive and be useful. Earlier this year, they’ve initially launched the OxygenOS, which is tweaked to have a Pure Android experience on the One Plus One.

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