O+ USA CONVERTIBLE officially introduced, costs about Php16K

O+ USA just got the word out about its new toy, not to mention entering a new category of devices, which runs Windows OS. And take note, it can either be a notebook or a tablet, because it’s already a Windows hybrid device, the new O+ Convertible.

O+ Convertible

Granted that it’s an 11.6-inch notebook with an HD display, then it really measures up to be a “notebook.” With a full detachable keyboard with 500GB hard disk, a regular USB 2.0, and the Windows 8.1 installed, it is a portable work rig.

However, for a “tablet”..? Well, some may find it a bit huge, though a workaround like putting it on a table or on your lap would ease your use and handle on the tablet. And it’s a fair trade-off, knowing you still get a larger screen real estate.

It also has a microHDMI port, so a much larger LED TV or monitor can also be great for massive gaming or striking presentations. Another plus for your multimedia consumption is a pair of 2MP cameras, both located front and back.

So, what’s inside? A quad-core Intel Atom processor is what’s inside, cached with 2GB of RAM, coupled with 32GB of internal memory. Wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The O+ Convertible is officially priced at Php15,995, though release date is yet to be announced.


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