O+ Convertible VS Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift: Windows PC hybrids review on specs and features

Hybrid Windows PC devices are mainly dominated by global brands like ASUS, Acer and Lenovo. Though, it doesn’t mean there’s no more room for local brands to catch up. Enter Cherry Mobile with its expanding Alpha series and O+ USA with its recent announcement on its O+ Convertible.

O+ USA Convertible

Cherry Mobile’s Windows Alpha series isn’t a legion yet, though it got its own alpha heading the pack, the Alpha Shift. O+ USA only has one for now, but soon reinforcements may come and may even out the playing field. For now, we’ll be pitting the Shift against the Convertible specs-war style. So, let’s get it on!

Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift

Screen Display

Both are touchscreen displays with the same HD resolution. Cherry Mobile Alpha Shift is over an inch smaller with 10.1-inch than the 11.6-inch screen on the O+ Convertible. Consequently, pixel density on the Convertible will dive a bit because you’re basically putting the same resolution on a wider display. Though, with productivity softwares running, display-size can compensate a not too noticeable difference on resolution scales.

Processor, Power and Memory

Neither device opt to have a different processor other than Intel Atom, which is able to run on four cores simultaneously when multitasking. The Alpha Shift has Intel Atom Z3735F clocked at 1.33GHz, which is considered as a very capable CPU, besides power-efficient for upper mid-tier tablets. While the Convertible has its CPU identity still unknown. However, they have at least 6-months difference on date of announcement, which could spell either O Plus could still have the same processor or given a newer Bay Trail-T chipset, then it will at least have a greater CPU burst at the least. Meaning, under more resource demanding applications, the possible newer CPU will boost even beyond Z3735F’s 1.83GHz maximum clock speed.

Memory on both devices are on 2GB RAM already, and the internal storage pegged at 32GB. That’s an acceptable number, but the inclusion of a 500GB HDD beneath the detachable keyboard will definitely lend much needed space. Regarding power, the Alpha Shift has a 6300mAh battery capacity, which intends to help you out at least getting online, doing office stuffs on the go. If it entails long hours of work or you’re on gaming mode, then plugging it in as you do with your fixed notebook while doing your thing will be better. Again, battery for the Convertible isn’t revealed yet.

Connectivity and Multimedia

On wireless and port connectivity, both Windows hybrids stand equal, having Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 ports, and even HDMI ports. These are standards that allows you to manoeuvre the device along with external peripherals, communicate with other mobile devices, or just ease up data management and extend visual displays.

The newer Convertible got a dual camera, both rear and front having 2.0 megapixels. Whereas the Alpha Shift only got front-facing camera at 1.2 megapixels. These cameras are generally small sensors that assumes you’ll use it as a webcam, instead of actually posing for a selfie. Otherwise, you won’t appreciate this much on both cases.

Design and Built

The Alpha Shift looks like ASUS Transformer T100, with the clamp-like mechanism to dock with the keyboard. Except that it’s built in plastic and nonetheless sturdy and much durable to handle.

The O+ Convertible got a resemblance on an Acer Aspire Switch 10, having two protruding connectors by the keyboard to easily meet up with the display tablet. It’s also crafted with plastic, though the matte black finish creates a sleeker look and feel with the device.

Value over Price

Just late last year, Cherry Mobile launched the Alpha Shift at Php14,999. It has a pretty solid built, a reliable processor, substantial storage and HD display. Plus, it’s also under promo giving free Office 365 subscription, which entitles them to unlimited OneDrive cloud storage as well.

The O+ Convertible got larger HD display, sleek design, also have massive storage, and possibly got a higher CPU boost. But, even if it has the same Z3735F SoC, it still will propel the Convertible just as smooth. It has just been launched and is currently priced at Php15,995. Market availability is still yet to be announced, plus the perks that may come on its initial release.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview has been out for a while and the official version is coming out soon. It’s reported to be compatible to upgrade from Windows 7, much more with Windows 8.1 users. Getting a Windows device, especially something you can shift to a tablet, and convert back to a notebook will add not just portability but greater productivity and connectivity as well.

On choosing which device gets to have your cash, well that’s left to depend on your preference. It might be based on better built, sleeker design, larger display size, or even just go to which one is downright cheaper. And please don’t forget to lend some thoughts regarding both of these devices down below, guys!

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