NVIDIA Exhibits the TEGRA K1 Super Chip, Dual-Core CPU with 64-bit support

NVIDIA just announced their own 64-bit supported mobile processor at CES 2014, the TEGRA K1 192-core Super Chip.

With the advent of 64-bit CPUs on mobile phones with the introduction of iPhone 5S’ A7 chipset, and even with Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Samsung following through, NVIDIA in turn didn’t missed to play their own cards. The Tegra K1 chip basically has two versions, with the second one, the 2.5GHz dual-core Denver processor, having the 64-bit support.

The Tegra K1 actually is not just made for smartphones and tablets, but geared towards 4K TVs, cars, and notably on game consoles. This super chip will provide full-support for the latest PC-class gaming technologies, which includes DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.4, and tessellation. And this in turn, will narrow down the gap on executions between console and PC gaming platforms.

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