Nokia’s N97 sells 2M in 3 months

There’s no doubt about it. Nokia Phones have come a long, long way. And just recently Nokia Corp. again surpassed another milestone of its existence. It had sold over 2 million N97 smartphone since June. This retains them to the position as the “undisputed leading player” in smartphones.

Nokia drastically crammed fresh ideas to come up with a touch screen smartphone that would beat iPhone’s market standing. Nokia’s N97 has a touch display and has a wider view as compared to N95. It has a QWERTY keyboard and boasts with 32 GB Built-in memory. It captures crystal clear images with its 5-megapixel camera. It also comes with Wi-Fi and GPS.

Sometimes, selection of mobile phone can be stressing. With all these good phones around, choosing is really dreadful. But just ask yourself one important question: What do I want my phone to do? If you answer “everything” then N97 might just be the one for you.


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