Nokia Booklet 3G: A Nifty Netbook Launched

When regular laptops are just too heavy to carry all day, a Netbook is the stuff for you. Netbooks taken techie world by storm, with their long-battery life, super portable design/dimension and (say what?) affordable price. Its no wonder Nokia Corp came up with Nokia Booklet 3G, its very own netbook mini-laptop.

Nokia Booklet 3G: A Nifty Netbook Launched

Instead of Moblin OS this 10.1-inch netbook will run Windows OS (most probably Windows 7). It has an amazing battery life of 12 hours and will have 3G/HSDPA, A-GPS and a hotswappable SIM card. There’s HDMI as well.

Netbooks are the most-convenient and most affordable answer to our laptop-oriented problems. Thanks to Nokia, we can now enjoy MORE of netbooks.

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