MyPhone TRADE-IN KINDNESS Promo with 30% Discount on Smartphones

MyPhone Philippines is holding a Trade-In Kindness promo where it aims to gather donations for the survivors of super typhoon Yolanda in the Visayan region in exchange for a 30% discount on their selected MyPhone smartphones and tablet.

Donations are preferably clothes such as pants, shorts, underwear, shoes, slippers and jackets; and non-perishable food like canned goods or Tetra-packed food. Donation boxes will be placed in all MyPhone Kiosks, so anyone can participate on helping out even those who won’t buy a phone in turn. Note that there is no minimum on donations to avail the promo. Actually, even those who don’t have a relief good to exchange with can still get the 30% discount promo.

The following MyPhone smartphones and tablet are included in the MyPhone Trade-in Kindness promo:

MyPhone A818i Duo: Php2,990 Php1,980 (Php1,010 discount)
MyPhone A848g Duo: Php4,590 Php3,890 (Php700 discount)
MyPhone A888 Duo: Php7,490 Php5,900 (Php1,590 discount)
MyPhone A888g Duo: Php5,999 Php4,990 (Php1,009 discount)
MyPhone A919 Duo: Php7,990 Php5,690 (Php2,300 discount)
MyPhone A919 3D Duo: Php7,390 Php5,990 (Php1,400 discount)
MyPhone A919i Duo: Php9,590 Php7,580 (Php2,010 discount)
MyPhone MyPad2: Php4,999 Php3,980 (Php1,109 discount)

You can go right away at any MyPhone Kiosks nationwide for donations and for trade-in as well. MyPhone Trade-In Kindness promo runs till December 31, 2013.

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