MyPhone RIO OTA Updates V1.11 to V1.15

MyPhone Agua RIO V1.11 gets an over-the-air software update to V1.15.

MyPhone Agua RIO Update

The V1.15 update was noted to fix MyPhone Agua RIO‘s inability to install apps on microSD, putting the system update function in the main menu, and to remove bloat wares like PinoyPhone App among others.

To quickly update, simply go to settings, then About phone, click on System updates, and choose Download and Install. That should work out fine with a consistent data connection, preferably on Wi-Fi to avoid unstable connection.

Other concerns has been reported regarding legginess or a sudden power off when having an outgoing or incoming call on Agua RIO, though no details on the fix if its a prevalent case at all to majority of the users. There’s also an older version MyPhone RIO that is V1.06, which has yet to receive its own update soon from MyPhone as well.


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