MSI All-in-One Desktop PC on SALE Starting at Only Php9,995

MSI Philippines’ bringing their All-in-One PCs on sale for as low as Php9,995 at its concept store found at SM North EDSA. The MSI AiO models included are the AE1900, AE1920, AE2050, AE2060, AE2070, and the AE2210.

MSI All-in-One Desktop PC Sale

The AE1900 and AE1920 models pack an Intel Atom CPU with 18.5” display. The RAM included ranges from 1GB to 2GB of memory, with 160GB to 320GB of built in HDD, and the OS comes with either XP Home, Vista Basic, or Windows 7 Home Premium. All versions have optical disk drive on board, card reader, and speakers, with USB ports and Wi-Fi capability. The AE1990 models are priced at Php9,995, but the AE1920 has Php10,995 price tag.

The AE2050 has the AMD E-350 CPU with 4GB of RAM, AE2060 has Intel Celeron E3400 with 2GB RAM, AE2070 has 2nd Gen Intel Dual Core G620 with 4GB RAM, and AE2210 has 2nd Gen Intel Core i3 paired with 4GB memory as well. All the AE2000 series mentioned have the 20” touchscreen display, Windows 7 Home Premium OS, HDMI port, and 500GB hard disk included, except for the AE2210, which includes 21.5” display, and 1TB of HDD, instead.

All models comes with a USB keyboard and mouse, except for the AE2210, which has wireless connection rather than the USB. The AE2210 has the priciest tag after all at Php24,995, so the specs are bumped up from the rest. Both the AE2050 and the AE2060 is on sale at Php14,995, while the AE 2070 is at Php19,995. The complete list are shown on the image below taken from MSI promo materials with their respective pricelist.

MSI AiO PC Sale Specs and Pricelist

For those interested on these MSI AiO PCs awesome deals can go straight right at MSI SM North EDSA located at 4/F CyberZone, The Annex, or you can quickly inquire by calling at 02-351-3414.


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