Motorola Releases a Teaser on their Upcoming Moto X

Motorola just got a teaser out in the US at the advent of their Independence Day, the 4th of July about what is going to be a big statement on their upcoming smartphone Moto X.

Last year was actually a pivotal point for Motorola when Google acquired their consumer division, and began to forge a vision of yet again an American Dream theme. Just like what the captions stated, “The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA is coming.”

Well, the teaser does not say much on the Moto X’s specs, though what we can extract is that you can have a hand on the design, then they’ll be assembling the smartphone for you. Our take on this is that you’ll have a set of categories on the hardware and the software with a number of options you can choose from. That is if you want a higher or lower processor, or with the capacity of RAM and user memory, or with the shade of color, you can concoct on your own liking. Plus, maybe you can order on a stock or on different versions of Android. Plus the display size range will be another biggie-likie factor on the choices if there will be any.

What’s clear is that it’ll be available soon on the US market, maybe by November as the two jumping couple would seemingly suggest with their figures forming “XI.” Locally, we’ll definitely still be on the lookout.

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