Moneyball: Dribol Op Da Pipol TV5 PBA Massively Multiplayer Game Show

TV5’s on the roll of putting up their remote audience from practically everywhere as players with their newly launched PBA trivia-based game show, Moneyball: Dribol Op Da Pipol.

Sports TV5 Moneyball

Let’s Ask Pilipinas, as hosted by Aga Mulach is gaining much momentum on having remote players play and interact via webcams with poll questions based on trivial things about Filipino lifestyle and culture. With Moneyball, it may also take the same path having live-streaming videos as a broadcasting medium, though right now, personal static pics are currently used to display the players on the TV screen.

Sports TV5 Money Ball is designed for multi platforms, with the Android smartphones, tablets or even PLDT Telpads users having the head start, while the iOS device users still have to wait for Apple’s approval on the app, and even with landline support coming soon. It’s actually aimed to be massively interactive with thousands to participate during select PBA Games Halftime.

How the Moneyball Works?
The game is basically composed of three (3) trivia rounds with five (5) total questions as presided by a TV5 host. The first round consists of three (3) speed-based questions, with a 5-second timer each. Choices are set as yellow Buttons 1, 2 and 3 on your device. The faster you push the button of the correct answer on your device, the higher potential score you’ll get. The maximum you can have is actually 5000 points here.

Moneyball First Round

The second round is just the same with Round 1 with only one question this time having three choices, though point potential have double its worth. The final round called the Moneyball Round, is a bit tricky cause you’re under a 24-second shot clock while you answer a set of eight (8) rapid-fire trivia questions consecutively. Your answers actually will fall to either of two categories represented with Button 1 and Button 2. There will be a list of names, teams, words, items or whatever, of which you’ll be ask to categorize quickly if it belongs to Button 1 category or the Button 2 category. With the 24-second limit for the round with 8 items to categorize, there will be exactly 3 seconds left for you to tap the right button category for each item.

Moneyball Final Round

Logged in players participating real-time with the PBA game halftime Money Ball will actually be shown on TV as tiles of photos lined up along with whichever they answered on their device. On each round, players who got it wrong are trimmed out from the screen, while the players with the correct answer stay on the game.

Player Requirements and Registration
To play the Moneyball and claim prizes, players are required to register their full name, address, and other details, plus to upload their profile picture. Take note that it has to be you, and make no mistake of putting an avatars, logos or any images other than you, or it can lead to your disqualification. Registration is only done once.

Moneyball Log In

The app can only be played when Moneyball’s on air. Schedule of Moneyball game shows will be announced both online at or during PBA game broadcasts. Players who wants to be contestants must be logged in before the Moneyball broadcast, with a cut-off time usually with one quarter before the halftime. To be sure, log in before the second quarter begins. Remember also to wait for the TV5 host first to instruct you to press the “Start” red button before you can get the game activated. Also make sure to put your device closer to your TV speakers because the TV sound itself is used to synchronize and to activate your game.

Moneyball App Downloads
You can download TV5’s PBA trivia-based game show Moneyball mobile app at Google Play. We’ll update this as soon as other platforms become available.


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