Microsoft Woos Android Developers To Make Their Apps Windows Phone 7 Compatible

Microsoft’s seeking to win over the Android developers to make their apps Windows Phone 7 compatible, not to mention that some of them used to develop for the Windows mobile platform. Now, they’ve just released an Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool and a downloadable 90+ pageWindows Phone 7 Guide for Android Application Developers white paper, which would assist an easy conversion of Android to WP7 apps.

We’re looking at a heavy irony when Windows Mobile had its chance at reigning as the primary OS both in mobile computing and networking for good. But since the developers realm do want to have either worthwhile profits or significant freedom, the launch of iOS and the Android eventually gave them both. However, Windows Phone 7 is still a force to reckon cause WinMo fan base may still be large enough to recover, not to speak of Nokia, the mobile phone juggernaut who’s betting their huge hopes in recovering its slipping market share upon the release of their Windows Phone 7 Mango based handsets soon.

This is a quick follow up on what Microsoft had released last April, that is the iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool, which similarly help the developers to transition their created apps to the WP7 platform. Strategies as such wouldn’t be just beneficial to Windows Phone 7 interoperability but also for the developers capability for increased mobile app market presence. It can also be pro-consumers after all, in a sense that whichever mobile OS you prefer would allow you to still connect with other mobile OS as well.

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