Microsoft Officially Revamps Office Web Apps to Office Online at

Microsoft still dominates the office applications and they’re making it sure that it will stay that way, either that you’ve installed it on a desktop or using it on a web browser. Today, they’re officially reintroducing their Office Web Apps as Office Online at their website

Office Online

It’s about making it clear to their users that their Office application accessible online doesn’t have to be installed or added on your browser either. You just have to go log-in to then click on a selection of either Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, or OneNote Online. The great thing to this is that it automatically saves to your OneDrive, the recently revamped SkyDrive.

The explicit rehash on these online applications is a clear message of course that your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files are meant for its online companion applications. And can view and edit these files even without its Google Documents competitor nor Apple’s iWorks on iCloud. However, getting these online office or document editors for free ahead in the minds of these MS Office users definitely gained a mass following as well.

The ease in managing these office files in OneDrive, not to mention sharing, collaboration, and added templates may be a plus. However, it may seem as if Microsoft is just recuperating from what they’ve just lost from the competition while they have been found slacking regarding its online support. Thus, giving a loophole for both Google and Apple to capitalize on such.

The recent naming of MS CEO, that is under the leadership of Satya Nadella today may have triggered these changes, and clearing up those blurry lines on their products is actually a good move. However, besides these catching up efforts, what else could they do more to really exude dominance once more without no questions asked?


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