Michael Phelps After 2008 Beijing Olympics

The ‘Man on a Mission,’ Michael Phelps, 23, will finally take home his envisioned eight (8) gold medals from 2008 Beijing Olympics! Out of the 8, five (5) came from individual events and three (3) from team events. He held seven (7) world records in this year’s Olympics alone.

I just watched NBC News and got interested with an interview with Michael. He’s name alone was said to be a ‘brand’ itself. If he plans to have any business at all, Michael definitely has already thriving on his niche market. Not to mention that he bagged a bonus of a million dollars from Speedo after he won all the 8 events. After Beijing Olympics, Michael intends to elevate the level of swimming as a sport itself in the US. He plans to go back to Baltimore where he wants to be involved in a swimming club, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. It’s like a homecoming for Michael, where he trained as a young teenager and now sees himself to train other kids as well.

Looking the way it happened for Michael, there’s so much room for him to stir his options in going further in business. We may not swim like him, but what we can strive to do is to basically learn to excel in our respective niches and make a good ‘brand’ name to bank on and perpetuate a mission! =)

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