MediaTek going beyond 70K on Antutu with a 10-core Helio X20 chipset?

MediaTek’s gaining momentum having increasing number of cores on their chipsets as its key marketing strategy. Thanks to its 8-cored MT6795 last year, which scored hands down beyond 50,000 on a very popular Antutu Benchmark.

MediaTek Helio X20

According to a Chinese analyst, MediaTek held a special event, attended with some core members like Xiaomi and Vivo to present its successor to their octa-core X10, the Helio X20 chipset. Interestingly, the X20 is said to have a deca-core architecture that could well go beyond 70,000 score on Antutu.

Another thing that’s interesting is how will Qualcomm take this advancement on part of MediaTek. Snapdragon 810 has been known to heat up fast, leaving its successor SD820 under a lot of pressure to prove otherwise, not to mention even exceed benchmarks and expectations, too.

Actually, it’s one thing to get great scores on benchmarks due to increased number of cores and another is with real-life needed performance. Specially on the areas where apps and games would require attention like improved GPU or increased frame rates, power management including fast-charging capability, and even on issues relative to GPS on both quality and reliability.

If Helio X20 will go on production by the end of the year, then we may hear launching events introducing mid and higher-end devices with the 10-core chip onboard earliest by next year. That’s a pretty cool innovation, though does it bear with it the much needed tech or it’s simply an opening to a much broader, but way ahead of its time future of mobile computing?


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