MacBooks Getting An Aluminum Overhaul

It’s been a few months past since it was believed that Apple’s MacBook line would have an overhaul with its enclosure design. AppleInsider noted that’s how Steve Jobs may stand on a promise to move towards a ‘greener Apple.’ Just like the direction in which they made through their MacBook Air, with an environment friendly material, aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel.

The shift will be significant in it’s aesthetics that will come as more durable than the plastics. You won’t have the trouble of having your black MacBook tarnished too. Multi-touched trackpad that were over-sized than we’re used to and also the kind of keyboard the Mac Air has can be looked out for.

It will have a Montevina-based processor, Intel’s fifth-generation Centrino 2 platform. And it’ll be coupled with an integrated GPU, Intel’s GMA X4500. No gaming still with these MacBooks, unless you’ll have the MacBook Pro.

It’s a long wait though, having plastics as their enclosure line from the ‘clamshell’ iBooks back in 1999 to MacBooks 2years ago. It’s a great way to live your digital life with one of these. Having your superdrive intact, with 13.3” screen, wifi capable, easy image handling, iTunes finally in a durable aluminum pack.

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