LG G4 with leather back cover leaked before official launch

LG’s next flagship, the G4 is set to be unveiled by April 28th. However, a leak just went out a couple of hours ago by evleaks on his Twitter account pointing to a product site, which featured the LG G4 way more ahead of its official launch.

LG G4 leaked

Actually, the site’s no longer available as of this writing, though others was able to pull out some good info out of it, especially the G4 having a real leather back cover in multiple shades besides other color variants to opt to. Plus an f/1.8 primary camera coupled with an infrared color accuracy sensor, image stabilization, which also is enabled with a full manual mode feature.

LG G4 Launch Invite

Invites where given to press just the end of last month and you are most likely smirking about the resemblance. Apparently, there are other notable info before this that even mentioned about its 5.5” Quad HD 1440 x 2560 display, the presence of the LG G Pen Stylus, and even a 6-core Snapdragon 808 CPU onboard powering the new LG G4.

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