LEVEL UP! LIVE 2013 National Championships Finals Winners List

LEVEL UP! Philippines just had their LEVEL UP! Live 2013 National Championships  today at the World Trade Center, and it was definitely a fierce and intense ending for the well-deserved winners!

This is the biggest annual e-Sports event in the country by far, and it’s yet to be changed in no near future. Here’s the list of LU Live 2013 national champions:

LEVEL UP! Live 2013 Philippine National Champions

Eligium Galgaron Battle Arena 2013 Finals
Damnation VS. SGX
Champion: Damnation
Final Score: 3 – 0

Rohan Blood Wars 2013 Finals
Mandiribig VS. CBU
Champion: Mandiribig
Final Score: 3 – 1

Cabal Champions of Nevareth 2013 Finals
Dream Team VS. FilthyrottenApples
Champion: Dream Team
Final Score: 3 – 1

Point Blank National Bakbakan 3 2013 Finals
Champion: FG.CMStorm
Final Score: 10 – 8

Perfect World Phoenix Council Wars 2013 Finals
Fidelicious VS. Espanyards
Champion: Fidelicious
Final Score: 3 – 1

RAN Ranbulan 2013 Finals
Divinity VS. Team Pinas
Champion: Divinity
Final Score: 7 – 5

Assault Fire Masters Cup Finals 2013
Expendables VS. MSI
Champion: Expendables
Final Score: 6 – 2

Ragnarok Philippine Championship 2013
Domini Exitium VS. Vierge-Dang Chromosomes
Champion: Domini Exitium
Final Score: 3 – 2

The Grand Chase Digmaan 2013 Finals
WeHeartU VS. Frejlord
(due to technical difficulties, the match is reset on a later date)

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