LEVEL UP! Philippines just had their LEVEL UP! Live 2013 National Championships  today at the World Trade Center, and it was definitely a fierce and intense ending for the well-deserved winners!

This is the biggest annual e-Sports event in the country by far, and it’s yet to be changed in no near future. Here’s the list of LU Live 2013 national champions:

LEVEL UP! Live 2013 Philippine National Champions

Eligium Galgaron Battle Arena 2013 Finals
Damnation VS. SGX
Champion: Damnation
Final Score: 3 – 0

Rohan Blood Wars 2013 Finals
Mandiribig VS. CBU
Champion: Mandiribig
Final Score: 3 – 1

Cabal Champions of Nevareth 2013 Finals
Dream Team VS. FilthyrottenApples
Champion: Dream Team
Final Score: 3 – 1

Point Blank National Bakbakan 3 2013 Finals
Champion: FG.CMStorm
Final Score: 10 – 8

Perfect World Phoenix Council Wars 2013 Finals
Fidelicious VS. Espanyards
Champion: Fidelicious
Final Score: 3 – 1

RAN Ranbulan 2013 Finals
Divinity VS. Team Pinas
Champion: Divinity
Final Score: 7 – 5

Assault Fire Masters Cup Finals 2013
Expendables VS. MSI
Champion: Expendables
Final Score: 6 – 2

Ragnarok Philippine Championship 2013
Domini Exitium VS. Vierge-Dang Chromosomes
Champion: Domini Exitium
Final Score: 3 – 2

The Grand Chase Digmaan 2013 Finals
WeHeartU VS. Frejlord
(due to technical difficulties, the match is reset on a later date)