Know Your Needs and Purpose Early On

“In life, as in chess, forethought wins.” – Charles Buxton

Chess brings out the strategist in a person. When your mind is cluttered, your easily taken off guard by a fork move or even just the black knight. You wander where the hell it came from. And you’re left with a few moves to a sudden mate.

If you change place with your counterpart’s place, you’ll realize it’s not some random moves he’s getting on you. It’s a collection of pre-planned attacks and probable counter moves he has in mind. Casually, they say that you’re a good player if you can at least have 2 or 3 moves ahead at least in your head. Opening the game with exactly 20 moves to choose from, the masters never failed to plan before they touch their first move or to even push to the end game in 3 or 5 moves.

If life is put in a chessboard, each move will either be of an advantage or a blunder. You can capitalize fast or recover wisely. Each piece is a significant part of your emotions, thoughts and experience that you directly have the choice to move in every possible way.

You may find it more complex, though it’s as simple as preparing for the things you want to come your way just before it actually happen. You won’t be having a roof on your house if you want either to be scorched or be sleeping over a rainfall. You won’t be dreaming of a big house if you’re not hoping to have a spouse or even children of your own to stay in it.

If we think more about these, nothing’s made if not to fulfill a purpose that’s been realized before hand. In the act of discovery, we even find things that would serve better the needs we’ve initially identified with. Whether it’s a need or a purpose to fulfill, knowing and making it known early on gives you a winning strategy in your life! =)

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