Kata Digital Graduation Sale on Venus 3, FishTab 3, T2 and Kata i3

Kata Digital Philippines’ on exclusive promo for Graduating Class of 2014, with the Venus 3, FishTab 3, Kata T2 and Kata i3 put on sale both with monetary discounts and freebies.

Kata Digital Graduation Promo

The Kata Venus 3 is a 4-inch dual-core powered smartphone, equipped with 512MB, and 4GB of internal memory. It has 5MP rear camera and 1.2MP shooter at the front. Its design’s solid with edgy sides and thickness measuring at 11mm and weighs at 114g only. It got Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi, with 1600 mAh of battery capacity underneath.

The Kata FishTab 3 and T2 are both 8-inched tablets with the same resolution of 1024 x 758, equipped with twin camera with 5MP on the back, and 2MP front-facing. Both have the same internal storage of 8GB and RAM at 1GB. However, FishTab 3 has already a Quad Core A9 processor and storage expandability up to 64GB, unlike the Kata T2 having a Dual Core chipset expandable to up to 32GB only. Design-wise, the FishTab 3 resembles an iPad Mini with slimmer 8.4mm thin and a 345g weight profile. It also got larger 4400mAh battery capacity than the T2 with only 4100mAh.

The Kata i3 on the other hand posts as its latest smartphone offering with a larger 5-inch super HD display with resolution at 1280 x 720. It already packs a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and upgradable storage of up to 32GB. It has 2250 mAh battery, and comes pre-installed with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Kata Digital Graduation Promo Units

Kata’s Graduation Promo is only exclusive to graduating students and would require a school ID to properly identify the school year. All the units mentioned will include a screen protector. The Venus 3 will be sold at Php3,699 and comes with a Smart Bro SIM with a Php100 load. The FishTab 3 will be sold at only Php7,699 with FREE Divoom Fit Speaker and a leather case. Kata T2 will have a purple case for free at Php5,599. Kata i3 will include a smart case and a Smart Bro SIM loaded with a Php100 priced at Php8,499 only.

The promo actually do not have a deadline, though it says while supply lasts. So better pick one up on Kata Digital’s Concept Stores if you think these models got the edge and within the price range that you’re looking for.


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