JOBS (2013) the Movie Officially Showing on August 16, 2013

Steve Jobs biopic “JOBS” originally titled as jOBS will be shown in the US this August 16, 2013. It’s basically about Steve Jobs’ life story from being a college dropout to being one of the most highly respected tech genius, creative entrepreneur and a marketing maven.

Ashton Kutcher, who happen to have strong physical resemblance to Jobs, will play Steve’s role, while Josh Gad will play Steve Wozniak. Seeing the trailer, Kutcher made a really good impression portraying the rebellious character, the curiosity behind Steve’s eyes, and the heartfelt inspiration that Jobs exudes overall.

It’s kind of an exciting movie to look at a great man who’s behind Apple, which is one of the most phenomenal tech company in the world. Though, they’re really not just into software and hardware, but as the movie points out, what they make are even beyond what it exists to be.. “it’s a tool for the heart.. that’s limitless.

Watch Jobs (2013) Movie trailer below:

Philippine cinema would get a view of Jobs film this August 28, 2013.

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