Jaguar Land Rover Turns Windshield to a Virtual Windscreen

Jaguar Land Rover’s giving a sneak peek on its Jaguar Virtual Windscreen, which capitalizes on the state of the art virtual imaging technology, alongside 3D cluster, gesture sensing controls and other latest suites of concept technologies. This aims to fill in drivers the much needed information outside their car to display on their windshield without taking their eyes of the road.

Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Windscreen

Actually, what they’ve demoed on the video is how the Virtual Windscreen can help performance or race car drivers to aid them on taking the optimum route with marked racing lines, which also changes color from green to red to indicate breaking guides. That’s actually handy on when you should take the inner lane when moving through curved race tracks.

The concept design can also boot you up in a Ghost Car Racing to improve your lap times competing with another driver who actually recorded and uploaded their runs on the system. Not to mention that you can design your race track by putting up Virtual Cones on the road as well.

What’s not in the video are on-test features based on gesture controls, which makes use of finely calibrated motion sensors to manage selected in-car functions like turning the sunblinds on, activating the rear wipers or even launching the sat navigating maps.

Other interesting ploys on their research is retiring your car’s rear view mirror and other external mirrors in exchange of 3D image projection. The Jaguar Land Rover research team described it as bit tricky if 2D have been used in the first place, which would expose limitations regarding how the driver perceives distance and speed of other drivers in the road.

What they’ve came up with is a 3D instrument cluster to track the position of the driver’s head and eyes, coupled with the 3D projection, which gives each eye two varied viewing angles of a particular focus image. That’s pretty clever to play with angles right, needless to say putting those Need for Speed rear view toggles on your windshield as well.


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