iWatch: The Next Big Thing for Apple?

I came across Telegraph with their interview with Steve Wozniak, a co-founder and the electronic engineering ‘geek’ behind Apple Computers. Steve told them of iPods’ impending death phase, pointing out how the likes of transistor radios and walkmans also ended up. A genius they say sees what’s obvious, users would eventually move on to have a new taste of better portable music experience.

How about the iPhone? Steve is not that impressed particularly about the inability of users to write their own apps on it (take note: more powerful apps on his side) like the recently launched Google Android. He may not even be content of the NDA being lifted just early this month.

So what could be the next big thing for Apple? “Nobody, not even Steve Jobs knows what’s next. I think he would be sitting there [unaware] right up until the day it is introduced,” Steve Wozniak just said, though he slips in that Apple’s future could lie in an “iWatch.”

That’ll be a superb idea. You can dream no longer of those cool, video-capable, strap-on, smartphone watches and to think of Apple going behind the works, adds more excitement to your next multi-media experience.

How about iShades? 😎

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