#iwantHTC: Hints on The Huge HTC Sale with HTC One S on July 15!

HTC Philippines hints on their “The Huge HTC Sale” with HTC One S to resemble the smartphone on the promo ad and a tag line on top saying “Prices Fall from the Heavens!”, which will commence on Monday, July 15 as the tag below indicates “48 hours to go!”

It’s about a year ago when HTC One S was launched here in the Philippines together with HTC Desire C and HTC Desire V. A little delayed back then to focus more on their flagship HTC ONE X launch. Prices back then on their launch dates were around P34k on the One X, P27k for the One S, Desire C was approximately P11k, and the the Desire V, a dual-SIM entry with a P17k price tag.

Now, as “Prices Fall from the Heavens!”, the question is how far will it fall? Considering it’s from the heavens, then a 50-70% off can be a very generous gesture from HTC. Don’t you think? Or maybe some of you is just asking whether the HTC Butterfly S or even the current HTC ONE will make it on the line-up?

Well, the announcement will still be on Monday on whichever smartphones will be on sale and by how much. We’ll just update you by then, 2 days from today.

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