iPod Nano 6G Straps Like a Wristwatch with Frontal Concepts’ Infuse

Apple’s iPod Nano 6G came out to be a more practical gadget with the sleek design introduced by Frontal Concepts Infuse. Rather than just the usual clipping mechanism that you used to attach your iPod to your sides or pockets, now you can strap it on your wrist.

It’s actually a very clever concept for a mobile accessory that switch your gadget into another gadget that is a fashionable watch. Its wristlock mechanism, as they call it is made from a lightweight high impact polycarbonate that holds your iPod Nano securely in just a click. The strap is made of silicone and the buckle from an aeronautical grade stainless steel. Though, your headphone wires will have to tangle as it used too. However, you can run it along your arms then inside your sleeves going straight out from your shirts neckline.

Infuse straps now comes initially in shades of black, white and brown. Pre-orders are now welcome in the US at an introductory price of USD 24.95.

iPod Nano 6Gs Wristwatch Straps with Frontal Concepts Infuse

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