Intel Launched 10-inch Education Tablet and Classmate PC

Intel recently showcased the 10-inch Intel Education Tablet and the Intel Classmate PC at BETT 2014 in London as an integral part of technological transformation in an educational setting. This also entails to empower the teachers in their professional development, and to further equip and encourage the students’ life-long learning.

The two Intel devices are basically designed to address educational needs such as increased accessibility to information, plus readily available tools to consume and interact with data taken through the help of the device. The Intel Education Tablet has a stylus, a thermal probe, which can be plugged to its audio port, and an attachable magnification lens. The Intel Classmate PC has a rotatable camera for flexible image capture, and Intel Education Software suite such as the Kno App, which makes at least 225,000 educational titles of engaging contents accessible to both students and teachers.

The 10-inch Intel Education Tablet is powered with a dual-core Intel Atom Z2520 chipset clocked at 1.2GHz, equipped with dual cameras, optional 3G support, and has Android 4.2 Jelly Bean installed. The Intel Classmate PC also has 10-inch display, with option to have a touchscreen. It’s powered with an Intel Celeron N2806 SoC, and runs on Windows 8.1. The Windows 7 and Linux version will also be available late this year, and will be equipped with an Intel Celeron N2805 chipset instead.

Both devices are ruggedized, in which they can survive a drop from a desk with 70cm drop-resistance, and has IP52 class water and dust-resistance. The HP Classmate Notebook would be the first among the global brands to use the Intel Classmate Notebook design and ship in Americas, and EMEA this month, and in the Asia Pacific late this quarter.


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