Improved Skype for iPhone v1.2 App Launched

When it comes to cost-effective calling over the internet, nothing beats the services offered by Skype. Good news for iPhone users, they can now enjoy the services of Skype as the company launched an improved version of their iPhone app earlier this week.

Skype v1.2 not only improved with razor-sharp audio quality of Skype-Skype calls but also made connection of outgoing calls even faster. Based from random accounts, the old iPhone app offered poor audio quality. Other notable changes are those with chatting improvements. Sadly though, the app doesn’t work on the phone’s data connection and only works with Wi-Fi connection this is due to the limitations imposed by AT&T on VoIP iPhone app.

Skype is all about its users. It promises to provide better and out-of-the-box mobile services. It resides to its purpose, to offer excellent services. As to those telecoms that blocks or discourage Skype, the company requests them to re-evaluate their policies carefully for them to consider Skype’s services. Skype will really make a much difference as it will allow taking conversations with them when they’re on the go.

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