“i IS COMING”: Xiaomi’s GLOBAL MI PHONE PREMIERE in New Delhi by April 23

Xiaomi will be holding a Global Mi Phone Premiere in New Delhi, India on the 23rd of April, 2:30 pm (5:00 am ET), which could definitely mark another milestone for the chinese company.

Xiaomi Global Mi Phone Premiere

It was just a few days ago that Xiaomi, coined as the “Apple of China” celebrated its 5th anniversary and has been reported to have sold more than 2 million phones in a span of a 12-hour flash sale, amounting to at least $335 million in revenue. And evidently, the chinese juggernaut is not resting on its laurels but is aiming for more, now that the “i IS COMING.”

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Actually as of now, nothing yet is revealed about the event nor about the upcoming phone, not even about what the “i” actually means. But, one thing is certain that Xiaomi’s covering the largest markets it can hold its hands on. The scheduled arrival of Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, President Bin Lin, and VP Hugo Barra in India would speak of really something huge happening on April 23.

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