I Had A Look Of Tom Peters’ Book “Re-imagine!”

I happen to pass by a book of Tom Peters’ “Re-imagine!” I flipped through it, and found a very interesting format. It’s not conventional in layout and visually stimulating to note. It’s like you’re sitting with Tom himself chatting as he blurts out lots of ideas! As if his coffee’s cold while you’re getting a second one. There are lots of pictures to illustrate, colored fonts to highlight keywords, marking lines to point linking thoughts and point blank comments to shake down your very old opinion of doing business.

It came to me as a very exciting book cause I felt a connection of how he thinks. I bought it and decided to immerse my head more. I haven’t finished the book yet, cause it’s good to digest, test and apply such brilliant thoughts. I’ll share more of it to you when I’m done reading it. It was first published back in 2003 and it seems like new book. Maybe it’s Tom’s approach. He can’t be branded as the world’s most innovative guru, if he doesn’t come fresh.

This is my first Tom Peters’ book to read. The other great title on my line-up is his co-authored international bestseller “In Search of Excellence.”

Have fun reading guys and make sure to stop to apply it and even drop by here to share your thoughts and experiences too. =)

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