HP Z1 G2 All-in-One Windows 8 Touch Workstation with Thunderbolt 2 Launched

HP introduced the world’s first 27-inch diagonal workstation with the HP Z1 early 2012. Though early this year at CES 2014, they got it refreshed as the HP Z1 G2 All-in-One and gave it a few more tweaks like putting a Thunderbolt, and touch capability, coupled with Windows 8 Touch to name a few.

The HP Z1G2 workstation is much ideal for the creative and design professionals, like the graphic artists, architects, engineers, videographers and movie makers. Making use of CADs, 3D design, and video editing can be punitive for less-specced workstation out there. Plus it has a tool-less design, in which you can easily change or upgrade the major parts inside just by opening up the display like a briefcase.

HP Z1 G2 sports a 4th Gen Intel Haswell Xeon and Core processors, with NVIDIA Mobile Quadro GPUs, ECC memory, and RAID storage options. With the addition of Intel Thunderbolt 2.0, data transfer leaps to up to four times the USB 3.0 bandwidth.

The screen is a 27-inch diagonal IPS display, with an option of a non-touch panel with anti-glare capability, or a 10-point touch with edge-to-edge glass. It’s also equipped with front-facing speakers and DTS Studio Sound Audio to match up those stunning visuals with great audio experience as well.

HP Z1 G2 workstation was launched also alongside HP Slate21 Pro AiO, HP’s first Android All-in-One offered on an enterprise level with both to be out this month. HP Z1 G2 is expected to hit the US market late this month with price starting at $1,999. Global roll-out, availability and local pricing has yet to be announced.

Source: HP

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