HP TouchSmart PC: Resemblance On The Minority Report

When I saw the video of an HP TouchSmart PC, I got to refer back in my mind about Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. Tom’s swishing of the finger, panning, zooming images, playing videos… cool stuff eh!

HP TouchSmart PC

HP TouchSmart all-in-one PC already released four models in line, the IQ504 and IQ506 with a sleek 22” high definition screen, and the IQ804 and IQ816 lavished with a 25.5” screen, powered all by a 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. It also features a web cam and a microphone that will suite your conference calls, video recording and any that slips on your way through social networking. A TV-tuner is also present except for the IQ504. The keyboard and mouse connect wireless. The IQ816 comes with a Blu-ray DVD player and Pocket Media, an external hard drive for your music and videos.

The IQ500 series sells at $1299 and $1499. And the IQ804 and IQ816 are available at $1899 and $2099, respectively. HP is innovating fast, deciding on to bring the war again on touchscreen technology on personal computers that they’ve drawn first blood last July. You may say it has resemblances also even to iMac, but Apple seems to be busy with macbooks this time, “The spotlight turns to notebooks.” coming October 14.


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