Hard-Wired with Spectrotel

Dial-ups can make you sleep in between downloads right? What more if you have a deadline to submit your bunch of data files? Accessibility matters, whether it is a story to be heard from a friend or information to report to your boss. Wired can be more accessible for you than being in a far away place wireless.

You can find Spectrotel as one full-packaged telecommunications service provider for voice, data and Internet connections either for your home or business needs. It boasts of its global cutting-edge network connection giving reliability, professional data and information solutions enhancing business productivity and superb customer care bridging availability and efficiency.


They actually offer bundled solutions that promote smooth usability to its clients. Here’s their wide range of services that may suite your preferences.

•    Unlimited local, regional and domestic distance calling plans.
•    Low and competitive domestic long distance and international rates.
•    High-speed DSL Internet service up to 50X faster than a dial-up.
•    Standard calling features including Voicemail powered by a highly intuitive Message Plus.
•    Audio Conferencing (24/7 “Always on” conferencing with no VOIP connections).
•    The Spectrotel Calling Card.
•    24/7, toll-free Customer Care.
•    Single convenient, easy-to-read bill.

Spectrotel long distance, local, regional, domestic and international call services are available throughout the United States by the way. Touché


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