Hands On: MyPhone Rio 2 Unboxing, Initial Impressions and Review

MyPhone just launched the sequel to its well-received Agua Rio smartphone last 2014, the MyPhone Rio 2. And we have it right now in our hands! In just a few, we’ll unbox, share our thoughts and initial impressions on this sleek thing! The follow up review on performance will be next on our upcoming update.

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Hands On: MyPhone Rio 2 Unboxing and Initial Review

Here’s the rundown again on MyPhone Rio 2 specs.

MyPhone Agua RIO 2 Specification Sheet and Features
Android 5.0 Lollilop
1.3GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 MediaTek MT6582 (32-bit) CPU
5″ HD IPS 720 x 1280 resolution (320dpi) touchscreen display
Mali-400 MP GPU / OpenGL ES 2.0
8.3 mega pixel (3840×2160) rear camera
5.0 mega pixel (2880×1728) front-facing camera
Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct / Hotspot
Dual microSIM / Dual Standby
Sensors: Orientation / Accelerometer / Magnetometer / Proximity / Light
2800 mAh battery capacity

MyPhone Rio 2 Unboxing

The way the Rio 2’s boxed is somewhat straight forward with a properly labeled phone pic on the cover, quick specs on the side and MyPhone’s contact info, and other phone details at the back. You can also notice a sticker placed top-right telling us that it comes with FREE internet for a full year! That is 100MB for 15days per month in 12 months to be exact.

MyPhone Rio 2 white box

Side of the box with key specifications of the MyPhone Rio 2

Inside the white box, you’ll find the usual suspects: the RIO 2 smartphone, charger, USB cable, earphones, a quick start guide, warranty card, and the Globe micro SIM card, which takes care of your free mobile internet. It also came with a mini brochure, too telling about Globe’s exclusive and other significant offers, apps, services and even customer support. MyPhone actually decided to change its earphones with an in-ear type. It fits nicely, has better sounds, and your ear won’t hurt much even if you’re listening on your long playlist.

Inside the box, you'll find the RIO 2 unit, USB cable, charger, earphones, quick start guide, Globe microSIM, and a Globe mini brochure.

MyPhone decided to change its earphones. This one fits nicely and actually has better output, too.

Initial Impressions

Now, let’s get our hands on the RIO 2. It actually has a sexy feel when you hold it. It has a smooth blue back cover, with a slim design that makes it a beauty to behold. The red and white color version would have the same feel, though the black back cover version would have a rough feel instead, because of a different coating they’ve used. It doesn’t come as a cheap phone, even though it’s made of plastic.

MyPhone Rio 2 facing front.

MyPhone Rio 2 Blue back cover.

Rio 2 has a pretty slim-design.

The 5″ HD display has slim bezels with the speaker and 5MP front camera above it. The back panel presents the 8MP main camera that is a bit protruding, found at the top-left portion with a LED flash just below it. Though, a casing can easily take care of these worries about scratching your camera if you see this as a problem. The speaker grille is placed midway at the lower end. On the top side of the phone, adjacent to the rear camera is the 3.5mm audio jack slot. On its right side can be found the power/sleep button, the volume rocker, and the back panel opening slot just before its end corner. The mini USB slot and the mic’s pinhole is placed on the bottom side in turn.

The 8MP main camera is a bit protruding.

MyPhone Rio 2 top-side.

Rio 2 right-side with the volume rocker, power/sleep button, and the back cover opening slot.

Rio 2 mini USB slot and mic's pinhole.

Opening the back panel reveals a fair warning about not removing the 2800 mAh battery. It’s supposedly non-removable to begin with. Midway at the top is the micro SIM 1 slot, with the micro SIM 2 slot on its right, and the microSD slot on its left side.

The non-removable battery is sealed away with just a sticker.

Non-hot swappable microSIM 1 and microSIM 2 slots, and the microSD expansion slot.

Up next, we’re going to let you know about what we experienced regarding its performance overall and our say as a finale for the Rio 2. Keep calm and stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here’s our follow up review!

Display & UI Experience

MyPhone Rio 2 got stunning display, rendering those colors with much accuracy. The brightness mixed with clear white background just exudes great visual experience both under the sunlight and of course on dark environment.

MyPhone Rio 2 on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Rio 2 also implements the Lollipop OS beautifully. Works fluidly on navigating the UI, from settings, messages, app loading and usual widgets you’ll find on having a gesture of pulling down from the top display twice. The double tap to wake also is a great added convenience using the phone.

MyPhone Rio 2 new app switcher

Syncing is just fine, app switcher appears like flicking a card deck, and installing apps were a breeze. It also notifies you when it can Of course, that would still be influenced mainly by your internet connection. But, it works without issues of disconnections or any hint of connectivity problems on Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Performance and Benchmarks

On Antutu, the Rio 2 manages to have above 19300 points on the average, which is just below an ASUS ZenFone 5 on the same test. For HTML5 test, which measures performance on how it renders on popular browsers, it also scores just fine at 15713.

MyPhone Rio 2 benchmarks

These are fairly acceptable scores, and it goes to show with how it handles the OS plus how it performs on gaming and multimedia, which we’ll tackle next. Battery life’s also long standing on standby with about 3 days, and about 8 hours on active use.

Gaming and Multimedia

Gaming experience with the RIO 2 made me stick with it from 8pm to 2pm non-stop. Shifting from Real Racing up to the 500 Event, Marvel’s Champions up to Level 7, and Clash of Clans to Town Hall 3. Yup, pretty solid gaming machine! A few hiccups on the Real Racing, though.

Playing music using its new earbud phones goes haywire beyond 75%. I’m listening to Imagine Dragons’ songs like Monsters and Demon and you know they’re best beyond 90%. But get a bit better headphones and you’re off to go “hayahay” mode. A bit loud, but clean with a mix of bass, techno and acoustics.

Camera Experience

Well, camera’s better with HDR on a morning light. With proper lighting, normal mode will just do ok. Taking a subject on sight will just be as fun as feeding a camel.

MyPhone Rio 2 morning shot

MyPhone Rio 2 subject shot

For a view like the setting of the sun, the HDR mode will do better than without, of course given there’s not much light to capture. Though, on Sunset mode on the Rio 2 (2nd pic below) proves to become handy, just as taking more light with slower shutter speed supposedly on a manual cam.

MyPhone Rio 2 sunset shot

MyPhone Rio 2 sunset mode

Overall Experience and Final Say

MyPhone Rio 2 is a solid multimedia smartphone that plays well with its strengths. From its sexy build design, stunning display, sweet UI, above average performance, longer battery life and better camera features, it really is like just having a great vacation. Hardcore gaming on this one may sometimes experience some bumps, and sounds may go haywire a bit. But getting it paired up with well-extended game time or a better headset for the sounds will give you a fantastic experience overall. And on the price scale of Php5K, the Rio 2 can easily be a keeper.

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