Google Play Direct Carrier Billing: How to buy on Google Play Store with your Globe or Smart prepaid and postpaid plans

If you’re stuck with buying some apps or games on Google Play Store because you don’t have a credit card, then now you can choose to push through with the transactions using your Smart or Globe subscription plans.

Direct Carrier Billing

Apparently, both Smart Communications and Globe Telecom have the capability to be a mobile payment option on your Google Play Store account, also called as Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). It basically allows you to buy apps, games, music, movies, eBooks or any digital content offered through Google Play, even including in-app purchases like upgrades, subscriptions or in-app game currency of highly-addictive games.

Buying Gems for Clash of Clans, or getting the Advanced Pro Tools for Autodesk SketchBook now gets easier to pay up. Just set up your Google Play Direct Carrier Billing account to accept or enable either your Globe or Smart billing and you’re off to go.

Registration on Google Play

So, how to register, enable or accept via your Smart or Globe postpaid plan or using your prepaid balance? First, you have to have an Android phone or tablet with a SIM.

Google Account Registration

Make sure you have a Google account registered or added to identify your Android device with. If you still have not, then go to Settings > Accounts > Google, and go add your Gmail account. From here, you have to make sure you’re on cellular data connection and not on Wi-Fi. This is due to your network’s own verification system regarding registering your number on mobile payments as follows. But, you can switch back to Wi-Fi if you like after the registration goes successful.

Google Play Direct Carrier Billing Account Registration

To register a mobile payment method to Google Play, tap the Google Play Store icon, then go to Settings > My Account. Now, if you’re using Globe network, then you have to choose Enable Globe Telecom billing under the Add payment method. If you’re using a Smart network, then you’ll see the Enable Smart Communications billing as your option as your Google Play direct carrier billing payment method.

You will be redirected with a pop-up to verify your account where you enter your name, phone number and billing address. You click on “Save,” then “Accept” the Terms of Service.

Purchasing or Buying via Smart or Globe

Well, if you’re done registering either your Smart or Globe as your payment method as described above, then transactions done inside Google Play Store will just be a breeze. Whether apps, upgrades, any media content on subscriptions, or in-game transactions will just use your mobile payment account automatically.

But, of course you’ll still see the Bill my Smart Communications/Globe Telecom account under what you’ll purchase, before you actually click the Buy button to proceed on the purchase. That’s a quick way to know that you’re paying respective your chosen mobile payment method. Plus you still have to enter your Google account’s password to finally confirm.

After each purchase or transaction, Google will notify you via email, and your carrier (Smart or Globe) will send you a confirmation SMS, too. That way you can easily track any payment made inside Google Play store.

Take note, too that if you’re using a prepaid SIM, you’ll get deductions from your prepaid credit balance immediately. While on postpaid plans, it’ll get posted on your billing statement, accordingly.

Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation can be done within 2 hours of the app’s trial period. You can go to the app’s options, and look for the Refund button to cancel. After which, you’ll be prompted to confirm cancellation, and then the app will be uninstalled from your device.

Google’s notification regarding the cancellation and refund details will be sent via email, and may take about 7 days before you get the refund. Just take note that after two hours, the Refund button will no longer show on the options, and thus your purchased app cannot be cancelled anymore.

Issues on Dual SIM phones

There are some common questions raised, and one would be related to dual SIM capability of the phone. What if you’re using both networks and you’re unable to purchase any digital content on Google Play?

First key thing to know is that SIM 1 will naturally be your master SIM, which Google will recognize to also handle your Direct Carrier Billing payment method. So, if you have registered initially with SIM 1, then registering the other network placed on SIM 2 slot won’t pushed through unless moved to SIM 1 slot first.

So, once you’ve made a choice if either you use Smart or Globe for your direct billing, make sure you put it on SIM 1 slot. And second, make an initial purchase with your preferred network SIM to confirm and to make it as a default billing method, without the other network SIM on SIM 2 slot. Third, you can re-insert the other SIM on SIM 2 slot, and that should not interfere or cause any issue on your next purchases.

How to Unregister my Globe or Smart Billing account

Just in case you don’t want any purchases on Google Play Store be billed via your carrier, you can still choose to unregister your number. It might be because you have changed numbers, have a new credit card, or have some funds on your PayPal account, or any reasons at all, then you simply go through Google Wallet here.

You just log in using your Google account, then under Payment Methods, you just remove your mobile number from your Smart or Globe network. You can still re-register it again if you like by following the directions on registration mentioned above, though.

Convenience and Accessibility

Well, Google Play Direct Carrier Billing payment method puts both convenience to local subscribers and greater accessibility to Google Play’s digital content. And it’s a secure way as well besides credit card billing and PayPal.

If you’re a bit curious or even already sold to the idea, then buying your next app or upgrade would surely be just as easy as a walk in the park.

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