Google Apps Status Dashboard Launched Due To Recent Gmail Outage

A worldwide Gmail outage recently occurred that caused frustration, inconvenience or even outrage and slack for those who used and relied on it. Gmail just went unaccesible posting a ‘server error’ and reports have been made about thousands of Twitter messages turned ‘gmail’ to ‘gfail.’ Google got alerted from their monitors after 9:30am GMT of February 24, 2009.

Worldwide Gmail Outage - February 24, 2009

According to Google’s incident report, a ‘latent bug’ in the Gmail code of their new software, which is used to handle user data, caused the outage. The new software supposedly optimize the transfer of data among the data centers while conducting their maintenance routine, but it resulted to ‘multiple downstream overload conditions’ and Google engineers took some time to resolve and put traffic and data loads into balance.

Google Apps Status Dashboard Launched

This Gmail outage led them to launch their Google Apps Status Dashboard, believing that their users, customers, business partners or even employees deserves to be informed promptly of such conditions. This announcement expresses their apology not just in words but also rather in a form of resolve across all their applications. Though anyone don’t want to expect a red “X” (another outage) on the dashboard, it’ll be good way to re-allocate your communication medium or activities beforehand.

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