Globe Tattoo Home Broadband boosts up monthly data allocation on new plans, plus 50GB Data Test Drive promo

Globe recently decides to boost up its Tattoo Home Broadband Plans’ monthly data allowance. The move is one sure way to keep up with their subscribers’ increasing appetite for online content consumption. Not to mention Globe’s recent partnership with HOOQ, a movie and TV series streaming platform just like Netflix abroad, now joins music streaming Spotify and NBA League Pass on Tattoo’s Entertainment Pack promo along with their broadband plans.

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband

Globe’s DSL plans now start with base Plan 1299 with 50GB monthly data allowance, followed by Plan 1599 with 60GB, Plan 1999 with 70GB, Plan 2499 with 80GB, and Plan 2999 with 100GB. For LTE plans, it starts with Plan 1099 with 20GB allocation, Plan 1299 with 30GB, Plan 1599 with 50GB, Plan 1999 with 60GB, Plan 2499 with 70GB and Plan 2999 with 80GB.

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband Plans

The cheapest plan on LTE got built-in access with Spotify, but with Plan 1299 up to Plan 2999, it comes with unlimited access to HOOQ for both the wired and LTE options. Plans 1099 and 1299 also got add-on special offers with 2-month trial access with NBA League Pass. For Plan 1599, HOOQ also comes with a choice between Spotify or NBA League Pass, though you still get a 2-month access on NBA if you choose the former. Plans 1999 up to 2999 offers the complete Entertainment Package with HOOQ, Spotify and NBA League Pass. Tattoo Home Broadband plans throttle speeds from 2Mbps up to 15Mbps. Besides internet content consumption, the plans includes free landline, a Wi-Fi modem, and free unlimited calls to Globe and TM.

An additional promo is also running with these Tattoo plans, which offers 3-month 50GB more monthly data allowance for new Home Broadband subscriptions from March 12 to May 30, 2015. With this Data Test Drive, subscribers can take Globe’s broadband for a spin to observe how much they really consume on a monthly basis.

Globe Tattoo Data Test Drive Promo

Globe will actually notify via SMS and email when one reach 50%, then on the 80% and 100% consumption of the data plan. On the fourth month, one can get to choose to downgrade the plan or upgrade based on one’s own actual 3-month data test drive experience. Visiting any Globe Shops near you will get you more info and further updates on the new Tattoo Home Broadband plans and promos.

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