Globe SUPERUNLI ALLTXT 25: Unlimited Text to ALL Networks Plus 1 Hour Mobile Internet

Globe Telecom’s launching their latest prepaid promo, Globe Super UnliAllTxt 25 that allows you unlimited texting to ALL networks plus a very generous 1 hour of mobile surfing. This one’s another way of answering back to Smart UNLI25 dont’ you think? Though, there’s no unlimited calling yet with this one.

Actually, this promo is big with unlimited texting in a day to your Globe and TM friends or your Smart, TNT and Red buddies. Not to mention a rewarding hour of tweets and FB updates to your social network pals as well. Just send UALL25 to 8888 to subscribe.

Globe SuperUnli AllTxt 25 is available for Globe prepaid users only (not for TM users yet) and runs from July 16 to September 30, 2011. So better hook up fast with this newest load up from Globe.

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