Globe Pushes 4G Via Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini

Globe’s pushing its limits a little more further by launching their 4G Network with 5 times faster downloads, and their newest broadband stick Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini is just one proof to that.

Priced at plan P2199, the Globe Tattoo Lamborghini’s not just feeding your need for speed, but also tempting you to pull out your wallet fast to change gears for downloads of up to 10Mbps. Also, you have to locate where their best HSPA+ sites to get the most out of such speed. If there would be any added consolation, it comes free with 200 text messages you can send to your Globe and TM friends.

This one’s a photo clip of the first Filipino formula race champion in Europe, Marlon Alexander Stockinger riding on a Lamborghini as he smoothly catch the Globe Tattoo broadband stick as shown in the TV commercial.

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