Globe FREE FB: How to access Globe FREE Facebook via GoSURF and Postpaid?

Globe doesn’t just seem to easily back down from the competition, now that they’re also offering Globe FREE FB with the latest Facebook App update on Android and Facebook’s mobile site as well. And there’s a plus for those on GoSURF subscriptions and for postpaid subscribers, too where they get the full mode Facebook experience for free.

Yes, that’s right! You get to view pictures and stream videos for free on Facebook if you’re on any Globe GoSURF or postpaid plan. So, that’s at least three (3) ways you can access your FB account for free when you’re on a Globe network. The following details you how to access through those three.

How to access Globe FREE FB with FREE Data
(Limited, without photos and videos)
Globe Free FB On

1. First, download Android’s latest app update while you’re still at home or office with Wi-Fi. Free data connection only applies within the Facebook app and mobile site and any external usage apart from FB will of course be charged regularly.
2. Afterwards, set your mobile data connection enabled through your phone setting.
3. Open your updated Facebook App or Facebook’s mobile website. You’ll be prompted with a message if you want to use Facebook with Free Data on Globe and TM. Hit Continue.
4. On the top right corner, toggle the switch to FREE. It will turn to Facebook with Free Data and consequently, it won’t show any photos or videos, too.

Globe Free FB Off

Now, if you like those photos or video clips to appear, then that’s when you can opt to toggle again the switch to DATA. You’ll be prompted with Use Data to View Photos and Videos? pop-over message. Just hit USE DATA and it will now apply Globe’s regular data rate, and you get full Facebook mobile experience in turn. And you can toggle again the switch to FREE if you want to stop the data charges to continue incurring.

How to access Globe FREE FB with GoSURF subscription
(Full Facebook experience with photos and videos)

1. Choose any of the GoSURF promo, which ranges from GoSURF 10 and GoSURF 30 that are valid for 1 day to GoSURF 99 and GoSURF 2499 that are both good for 30 days.
2. Simply register by texting the keyword of your preferred offer and send to 8888 (Ex. send GoSURF99 to 8888).
3. Wait for the Facebook activation notification, which will automatically sent back to you via an SMS.
4. After you received the confirmation, you can enjoy the free access to Facebook on mobile platforms, which include the official Facebook Android App, Facebook for iOS, and Facebook mobile site without any maintaining balance.

Take note that you’ll also see the Facebook with Free Data banner on top of FB’s mobile site or app upon confirmation. And be reminded that free FB access also expires along with the subscribed GoSURF promo.

How to access Globe FREE FB with a Postpaid Plan
(Full Facebook experience with photos and videos)

1. You just have to opt-in to free Facebook by simply texting FREE FB ON to 8888.
2. Wait for the Facebook activation notification, which is sent via SMS.
3. Upon confirmation, you’ll be prompted to start using Facebook for free on any Facebook mobile platforms that include both official Facebook Apps for Android and iOS, and Facebook mobile site.

For more info about postpaid subscribers, you can text FREE FB HELP to 8888. And you can check status by sending FREE FB STATUS to 8888 as well. Postpaid users can enjoy Globe FREE FB till August 31, 2015.

Well, a few things to note. TM Free FB is also available for those with TM Choose-Your-Number SIM, which can also have full access to Facebook with photos and videos for 7 days. And you have to have a maintaining balance of P1 to access your free FB via your TM SIM.

To avail the bonus FB trial for TM SIM card users, just text BONUS FB to 8888. Though for a full Free FB experience, TM users can also avail it via the GoSURF promo as mentioned above with Globe prepaid subscribers. You can visit Globe’s site for more info about GoSURF promos as well.


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