Globe DUO UK: Unlimited Calls From UK to Philippines for £17/ month Only!

Globe Telecoms’ launching Globe DUO on an international coverage now that they’ve including UK in the loop. Besides Canada, now your relatives or friends in the United Kingdom can call you up day or night with unlimited call time via Globe DUO UK for only £17 per month!

So, how does Globe DUO UK actually works? You can subscribe by filling out an online form to get a UK Number for your Globe Philippine Number and just pay up the £17 using your credit card. Afterwards, anyone from UK who will call your Globe DUO UK number can call you without limits. This works with any phone, and practically removed computers or even online connection before you can actually talk to each other.

Now if you’re in UK, calling your loved ones in the Philippines with a Globe DUO UK number is just like calling someone who is just within UK with just your local call rates applied if your calling a UK number. And if you want to register your relative’s Globe number, you can do so, too by filling the online form at Globe’s website.

For those Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers in the Philippines, you can also get a Globe DUO UK number for Php999 a month by just sending DUO UK 999 to 8888.


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