Globe DUO Korea: Unlimited Calls From Korea to Philippines for KRW28,000/Month Only!

Globe Telecoms brings unlimited calls to Korea through its Globe DUO Korea for only $25/month or KRW28,000 per month.

Globe DUO Korea

Globe DUO Korea basically allows your love ones and friends in Korea to call you up here in the Philippines through your Globe or TM number, which has the registered alternative Globe DUO Korea number. Next question is how to get the DUO number? Just head right to Globe’s online registration and pay up either $10 or $25 for a weekly or monthly subscription via your credit card.

With the registered Globe DUO Korea, calling your friends will be like local calls within Korea. It also offers much convenience, getting rid of the hassle of seeking online access through your computer, not to mention setting time frame for each one to have the same opportune time to talk. It also does not discriminate any kind of phone. So you can definitely get to call using either a smartphone, java phone or any other phone that you can actually insert your Globe or TM SIM card.

Philippine local Globe and TM subscribers can also opt to have the Globe DUO Korea number themselves by just texting either DUO KOREA 999 or DUO KOREA 399 to 8888 to register on a monthly or weekly subscription, respectively. If you want to follow voice prompts instead, then you can just dial *143#, select 6 International & Roaming, then 1 International Call and Text Promos, and then choose 7 DUO Korea.

You can also check out other Globe DUO subscriptions to Globe DUO Canada, and Globe DUO UK if you have other friends or love ones on those regions.


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