Gesture-Based Control System in Place of Your Mouse?

Mgestyk Technologies came out with a patent-pending gesture-based control system, though not first in an attempt to put the concept into a reality. It will be on the market soon and promises to be cheap. Mainly, it creates a different user experience that may get rid of your mouse in exchange of a hand gesture prompted controls and screen manipulations. Or it may be an add-on to your range of control and desired-functionality on your computer.

Mgestyk Gesture-Based Control System

Their demo video on YouTube shows that it elevates your gaming experience particularly enabling you to drive, shoot with guns, pilot an airplane or play a simple solitaire just with your hands doing the common gesture as if your on with the real thing. Though you can notice a bit of delay, like when you turn your wheel or shoot and you’ll see the display reacts a few microseconds behind. It also allows you to navigate or zoom in Google Earth.

The video shows also the ‘Minority Report’ experience duplicated. It’s just that it’s limited with the hyper sensing camera and software interpreted gesture translated into prompts and commands to your display screen. It’ll be a closer copy if it adds the hologram factor, making your gestures as if you’re actually touching and seeing it in thin air and not just make gestures at a distance from a flat display.

What will be more interesting is when they could come up with 3D rendering capabilities just like how Starks did with Iron Man. That’ll be cool! But for now, maybe playing Tekken will be far more engaging than the usual combos you’re used to play with your fingers.

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